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Channel 12 News Covers Stranded Klamath River Whales

Channel 12 news Klamath River Whales

Channel 12 recently covered the saga of the stranded Klamath River whale using some of my photos.  CLICK ABOVE LINK TO WATCH VIDEO NEWS.

Ashala Tylor Images

Klamath River Whale Rolling in the Klamath River

Life is not all Rainbows for the Klamath River Stranded Whale

Ashala Tylor Images

Klamath River Whale Rainbow

With her baby calf gone, waters receding and a shortage of food, some boater harassment, I fear for the wellbeing of this beautiful creature.

Hopefully, she will decide to swim out to the ocean soon.  She is definitely a gentle giant, never ever bothering the boats who come near her with

loud motors and complete disregard for the Marine Mammal Protection Act requiring 100 yards distance which, if enforced, carries a fine and jail time.

We are all hoping that this wayward mammal will leave the Klamath River soon and head for the open ocean where she will find  food and salt water

that she needs to survive.


Klamath River Whale Harassment – Daily Whale Update

Ashala Tylor Images

Klamath River Whale Harassment

Yesterday I went over to see how the Klamath River whale was doing.  Everything was as it had been on every other day – throngs of people lining the bridge to see the once-in-a-lifetime view of a whale in a river.  The gentle giant was doing her usual swim and spout around and under the bridge.   I noticed a young man in an inner tube floating near her.  From a photographer’s eye, I thought that would be a great picture just from the size disparity.   I took a few images, but then what I saw next was very upsetting.  The above boat came and picked up the inner tube floater and proceeded to race up to and around the whale getting dangerously close to her.  The crowd on the bridge yelled down at them to stop and to leave the whale alone.  They continued on with their harassment of her and then when they were through they raced off past the crowd, under the bridge and flipped everyone off.

The Federal Marine Mammal Protection Act prohibits humans from harassing whales and other marine mammals.  100 yard distance is being blatantly ignored.

I have been documenting the whales journey since mom and her calf arrived over a month ago.  Many images of these beautiful mammals can be seen at  email:            (TO VIEW IMAGES FULL SIZE, CLICK ON THE IMAGE)

Ashala Tylor Images

Ashala Tylor Images

After Harassing the Whale They Sped Off

Ashala Tylor Images
Ashala Tylor Images

Klamath River Whale Harassment

Klamath River Whale Watch Daily

Last nite the mother whale was serenaded by a violinist standing waist deep in the water.  She swam up to him as he played his violin to her.

His half hour or so rendition ended with “Red River Valley.”   After being chased by a multitude of boats, jets skis and kayaks, blasted with a water hose on Sunday, I think this week has been a more calming week for our Klamath River whale.  Two days ago, as reported in my last blog, she was chanted and drummed to by Indians from the local Yurok Tribe in their dug out canoe.  She would come up to the canoe and swim around them – obviously enjoying the companionship mixed with curiosity.  She truly is a gentle giant.

I have been documenting the whales journey since mom and her calf arrived over a month ago.  Many images of these beautiful mammals can be seen at  email:

Ashala Tylor Images

Drumming to Klamath River Whale

Klamath River Whale Saga Continues

The now famous Klamath River whale saga continues as the mother whale still refuses to leave the Klamath River and head out to the ocean.  On Saturday night her young Klamath River gray whale calf found its way out to sea but as of this morning she is still in the river.  I am a professional photographer and have had the unique opportunity to capture images of these beautiful mammals since they entered the river a month ago.

Yesterday members of the Yurok tribe entered the Klamath River in a handmade dugout canoe and drummed and chanted trying to coax the mother whale to head downstream to the mouth of the river.   She did move a bit further downstream to the front of the Klamath River RV Park where she resided until last week, but after awhile she returned to her favorite spot under the bridge just down from the Klamath River RV Park.

My images of these magnificent creatures can be seen  at  If you care to purchase any of  whale

Ashala Tylor Images

Klamath River Whale Roll

images you may contact me at 805 294-1009 and/or

Ashala Tylor Images

Yurok Indians Drumming to the Klamath River Whale

Yurok Indians Drumming to Klamath River Whales

Klamath River Whales – Bye, Bye, Baby.

Ashala Tylor Images

As boats tried to ‘herd’ the Klamath river mother whale back out to the ocean all attempts were unsuccessful.    They banged on pipes with hammers, sprayed her with a high-powered water hose, splashed the water with paddles – all to no avail.   She just wanted to swim under the bridge with no intention of heading for the open sea.  Her calf- 6 or 7 months old – swam out to sea early Saturday evening leaving his mom to entertain the throngs of people overhead on the Klamath Bridge.

Ashala Tylor ImagesAshala Tylor Images

Klamath River Whales

Check out this article on the whales stranded in the Klamath River –

I have the fortunate opportunity to be staying the summer at the Klamath River RV Park and have documented the whales Klamath River journey through photography since they arrived one month ago.   It has been an amazing experience watching these beautiful mammals.

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