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Ashala Tylor Images

As boats tried to ‘herd’ the Klamath river mother whale back out to the ocean all attempts were unsuccessful.    They banged on pipes with hammers, sprayed her with a high-powered water hose, splashed the water with paddles – all to no avail.   She just wanted to swim under the bridge with no intention of heading for the open sea.  Her calf- 6 or 7 months old – swam out to sea early Saturday evening leaving his mom to entertain the throngs of people overhead on the Klamath Bridge.

Ashala Tylor ImagesAshala Tylor Images

Comments on: "Klamath River Whales – Bye, Bye, Baby." (2)

  1. I was just wondering if anyone knows what happened to the baby? Did they say if it could survive all by itself at that age?

    • Went back to the sea. They say baby was old enough to be weaned. From what I saw, baby was leaving the mom numerous times 4 days before making it to the ocean. If baby could find its way, if Mama wanted to go she should be able to find her way 3 miles down river.

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