The Images of Ashala

Last nite the mother whale was serenaded by a violinist standing waist deep in the water.  She swam up to him as he played his violin to her.

His half hour or so rendition ended with “Red River Valley.”   After being chased by a multitude of boats, jets skis and kayaks, blasted with a water hose on Sunday, I think this week has been a more calming week for our Klamath River whale.  Two days ago, as reported in my last blog, she was chanted and drummed to by Indians from the local Yurok Tribe in their dug out canoe.  She would come up to the canoe and swim around them – obviously enjoying the companionship mixed with curiosity.  She truly is a gentle giant.

I have been documenting the whales journey since mom and her calf arrived over a month ago.  Many images of these beautiful mammals can be seen at  email:

Ashala Tylor Images

Drumming to Klamath River Whale

Comments on: "Klamath River Whale Watch Daily" (2)

  1. Big congratulations Ashala. Looks great! You have been rightly discovered.

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