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Klamath River Whale Rainbow

With her baby calf gone, waters receding and a shortage of food, some boater harassment, I fear for the wellbeing of this beautiful creature.

Hopefully, she will decide to swim out to the ocean soon.  She is definitely a gentle giant, never ever bothering the boats who come near her with

loud motors and complete disregard for the Marine Mammal Protection Act requiring 100 yards distance which, if enforced, carries a fine and jail time.

We are all hoping that this wayward mammal will leave the Klamath River soon and head for the open ocean where she will find  food and salt water

that she needs to survive.


Comments on: "Life is not all Rainbows for the Klamath River Stranded Whale" (6)

  1. JesseDaSilva said:

    What a magical photo! I hope you send it to National Geographic.

  2. With a rainbow too !!!(???) Your setting new standards each day. Just beautiful.

  3. A very beautiful photo. Award worthy. I want to thank you for using this opportunity and your talent to bring attention to the situation. I also fear for this whales well being. Yet the attention is actually giving it a fighting chance. My mother has an RV park on the River and I have been following the situation closely. I contacted Greenpeace, Peta and Humane Society of the United States. So far there is not much anyone can do but maybe dig out the mouth so the whale can leave.. I dunno.. but thank you for the updates… What a great summer experience

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