The Images of Ashala

Ashala Tylor Images

Flute Player Serenades Stranded Klamath River Whale

As I made me way over to the Klamath River Bridge overlook to check on the stranded Klamath River whale, I heard the most beautiful flute sounds permeating the air.   Mihael Kavanaugh of Trinidad played soothing sounds for 1.5 hours in an effort to convince her to return to the sea.    This beautiful gentle giant swam to within 5 feet of  his canoe.   Afterwards I spoke to Mihael in a video interview which I will post at a later date.  For now, enjoy the images of sounds gifted from one soul to another soul.

More images of this beautiful encounter can be seen at  Email: for image use or purchase.


Ashala Tylor Images

The Crowd Watched the Stranded Klamath River Whale while Listening to Flute Music

Ashala Tylor Images

Even the Dog Enjoyed the Show

Ashala Tylor Images
Gentle Sounds for a Gentle Giant
Ashala Tylor Images

Flute Player Sits in awe as Klamath River Whale Blows a Rainbow


  1. Lori Wraith said:

    The blog is very good. It is my thought that the whale cannot get out. Has the entrance been checked for depth. She may need help from us. There is no presidence for this. Who could sedate her? Who could tow her out? Would she be attacked when out in the ocean recovering from sedation, could we pull all this together? This story could go bad, I feel the need to discuss options, I know through emails that Humbolt Marine Science is involved and watching with the tribal leaders. Thank you for your work. Lori Wraith commercial fisherman.

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