The Images of Ashala

A few days ago  there was a flute player in a canoe serenading the “gentle giant.”    Soothing flute sounds emanated throughout the bridge area, a respite from the passing cars and trucks.

Ashala Tylor Images

Spy Hopping Whale in the Klamath River

Ashala Tylor Images

I have been documenting the whales’ journey since mom and her calf arrived over a month ago.  Many images of these beautiful mammals can be seen at
For purchase of any photos:

To view images in full size, click  on image

A Song for the Klamath River Whale


  1. Ashla,
    Thank you for your daily updates. My family and I camped at the RV park several weeks ago and were privileged to see Mama (what my son “named” her) and her and her calf. While everyone else seemed to revel in their presence, I felt very bittersweet about the whole thing. I was in awe to be so close, literally feet away (we were tent camping) to such a gentle beautiful creature, but sad too, because in my heart I knew she and her child did not belong in those shallow, murky waters.
    Please continue your updates so that my family and I can continue to cheer her on despite the fact that we live about 700 miles south. We call her “our whale” and although I know she doesn’t belong to anyone, I feel that she owns our hearts.
    Please continue to update daily if your schedule permits. I know it must be hard to fit it all in. As I mentioned, we live quite far away and when I don’t see an update for a day or two I become a little worries. 😦
    Thank you for all that you have done so that those of us that cannot be by her side can continue to cheer and fight for her in our own way.

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