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Ashala Tylor Images

Ukelele Song to the Stranded Klamath River Whale

This young man was out early in the morning yesterday strumming a ukelele song to the “Gentle Giant,” who is known as “Mama.”    Some of the Yurok Indians have been known to call her by her name “Mama” in the Yurok language.  As soon as I find out what that is, I will post it.

Please make note that there is a Federal law, Marine Mammal Protection Act, prohibiting harassment of marine mammals and suggests that people stay back more than  100 yards of a marine mammal, ”   As intentions are all well and good by those wanting to be near Momma and soothe her and connect with her, someone could be injured.  Please keep that in mind and realize that she is a “gentle giant”  that is confined to a very small river and all precautions should be taken to adhere to the Federal Law, not only for the safety of the human but for the safety of the beautiful mammal that graces the Klamath River.  No one wants to see either Momma or any of her adoring fans injured.

Ashala Tylor Images

Paddle Boarder with Ukelele to Serenade Mama, the Klamath River Whale

While intentions are  pure and good, and no harassment intended whatsoever, it is imperative to keep in mind that Mama is a wild mammal and someone could be injured by getting too close to this “Gentle Giant.”

Yesterday there were reports of more swimmers and kayakers in the water presenting a danger to themselves and Mama.

I have been documenting the whales’ journey since Mama and her calf were first seen on June 23, 2011.

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