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Ashala Tylor Photography

Mama, the Klamath River Whale, Spouting Rainbows

Friday will mark 50 days in the river.   This beautiful gray whale is still swimming circles beneath the bridge, cars are still stopping and asking,  “What is down there?”   “A whale?  You are kidding.”  Highway Patrol is parked at both ends of the bridge and  miles before the bridge in either direction highway warning signs are flashing a warning of bridge pedestrians.    The river is getting lower.   In the image below, kayakers were standing in chest high water next to their kayak.

All in all, it was a rather uneventful day in the life of the cetacean who seems to call the bridge area home.   She swims in circles continually, sometimes moving to the other side of the bridge to roll.  No one is sure what she is doing – scratching?  feeding?      Nothing is known for sure except there is a 45- foot gray whale in the river who does not appear to have any intention of leaving any time soon.  No clanging of pipes, powerful water blasts, orca whale sounds,  Yurok singing and drumming, music from a violin, a flute, a ukelele, or prayers from a paddle boarder can convince her the ocean is where she should be at the present time.

Maybe, just maybe, she knows more than we know about why and where she wants to be.

Ashala Tylor Photography

Mama, the Klamath River Whale, Spouting Beneath The Klamath River Bridge

Ashala Tylor Photography

Onlookers watching Mama, the Klamath River Whale, in the Klamath River Below

Ashala Tylor Photography

Kayakers Near Mama, the Klamath River Whale, in the Klamath River



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Comments on: "Mama, the Klamath River Whale, Swimming in River 48 Days, 8/10/11" (3)

  1. Ashala,
    MaMa, the grey whale-was not well. She went into the river to maybe see if the fresh water could heal whatever her malady was. She must of thought not, so she sent her calf to join the others. She knew of her demise.
    I’m a wildlife biologist/naturalist since 1974, when I decided to support Green Peace and the Rainbow Warrior(ships name has changed since than), but we’re still out there fighting-mostly Japanese-for safe havens for the magnificent mammals…
    I believe whales and dolphins are Gods perfect mammals. Not only are they intelligent, but their compassion is second to none.
    Sure-some whales/mostly orca’s(killer whales) have moments and people sometimes get hurt, but that’s because they MUCK to much with them. We sometimes LOVE them to much.
    I am so glad I got on the internet tonite, you made my year. Keep the faith……

    Cindy Lou
    in Idaho

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    thanks to google I found you

  3. Great views on that!

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