The Images of Ashala

If you click on the paddle boarder you can see a slide show of the whales..  Courtesy of … me of course!

Comments on: "KRCR TV report on Klamath Whales" (27)

  1. Is the baby still with the mama?

  2. She is beautiful. I hope this all works out well for her.

  3. I hope your getting paid for you photos that are going all around the world and not giving them for free!

  4. Dennis Peterson said:

    Just Curious what happened to the calf

  5. is the calf okay? is it surviving on its own?

  6. what about the baby???? shes not safe without her mom anyone know where she is?

  7. The mother whale wanted her calf to go on it’s own. That is why she is still in the river. She knew the calf would leave her if she stayed long enough. She swill stay until she feels the calf is long gone then she will leave.

    Michael Drosdowich
    Coral Springs Fl

  8. This is wonderful!

  9. Hi, What a fascinating story! Here is a fascinating theory, and question: Does anyone involved with watching this beautiful whale remember JJ? She was a newborn gray whale stranded at Marina Del Rey in 1997, and rehabbed at Sea World San Diego. She was released on March 31st, 1998, and her tracking device was lost 3 days after her release. The staff had had an impossible time getting her to stop scraping them off each time they attached one. So no one had any clue whether or not she survived her release and initial “Orca Gauntlet”. I wonder: Could this gentle gray whale who is very obviously comfortable in the company of people, and seems to enjoy loving attention, actually be JJ? Grown up, with a child of her own? Could she have brought her own baby to meet Us, and, remembering what being around Us was like, has just decided to “hang out”? I think it would be a good idea for the young lady from NOAA Fisheries who has been monitoring her to find a way to get a blood sample from her, send it down to Sea World, where they just might have saved one from JJ. She would be 13 years old now, the right age to be 45 ft long, and having babies. If I know Sea World, there’s a DNA sample there, and I’d be willing to bet it would be a match. It certainly makes sense.

  10. Nice pictures Ashala.
    What very blessed and fortunate girl you are to have seen this and have the pictures in your resumé.
    Good work and thanks for the update.
    ~Deborah Flowers

  11. We are praying for Mama to leave in time before the water levels drop. What do the Yurok tribe believe about the whale, has it been taken as some sort of sign, or does it reflect any special meaning to the tribes traditions and beliefs?

  12. Sylvia Lundy said:

    Whales have been lured down from the Sacramento River and back through San Francisco Bay….on out through the Golden Gate into the Pacific Ocean by having scientists’ boats precede it while making underwater broadcasts of whales feeding. The whale simply followed along.

    • I would guess that would be one of the options used, if not already done. From what I have seen, she does not look like she has any desire to move on down the river right now.

  13. I still don’t know why I’m so sure, but especially after talking with Julie Scardina today, I am more than ever convinced this whale is JJ!!She has survived, and come back to let Us know, and brought her calf to show her off to Us! It’s JJ, I’m positive! Julie is going to check past photos of young JJ, and see if there are any markings that may give her away.

    • I really hope they check this theory out, and maybe they’ll be able to somehow catch up with the calf and monitor it as it grows up, especialy now without is mom 😦 sooo very sad!!

  14. This is JJ!! I can’t explain to any of you how I know, I just know. The moment I read the article, I knew, with no doubt in my mind, and my Mother, A Certified Fla Master Naturalist, is almost as sure as I am, and she never saw JJ,as I did.I was there, on the pier in SD, the day She was released, and I remember how happy she was to swim free. I spoke with Julie Scardina today, and she’s going to gather some old photos of JJ at Sea World, and see if there are any distinguishing markings that would help in identifying her now.You know how you see or hear something, or something happens to you, and you get a certain vibe, and you just KNOW. Well, I just KNOW. This is JJ!! I’ll wait and see what Julie comes up with, and post more later.

  15. She is injured, and may not be able to leave. I truly believe this is JJ, and she came in where she felt she and her calf would be safe from predation, there would be people to help her, and her calf could leave when she was ready. Professional medical intervention is needed now, and she knows we can help her.

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