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Ashala Tylor Photography

Mama's - the Klamath River Whale - pectoral fin


Mama appears to have injured her left pectoral fin.  She did not appear to be using it, as it was stationary against her side, while swimming.

She put on quite a show near sunset tonight with rainbow colors appearing whenever she would spout.

Ashala Tylor Photography

_MG_0459 Mama, the Klamath River Whale, Spouting Rainbows

Ashala Tylor Photography

MG_0460 Mama, the Klamath River Whale, Spouting Rainbows

Comments on: "Mama, the Klamath River Whale – Day 52 in River. 08/14/11" (4)

  1. Please call the zoo or the aquarium and get one of their vetereraians to come out and look at her immediately.

  2. I was there and saw her in the River a couple of weeks ago. Why can’t the coast guard do more? I know this part of the river belongs to the Indians, but does this mean the coast guard cannot get involved? How far exactly does she need to swim to make it to sea. We have been praying for her every night and I can’t help but wonder about the conditions going to sea. Is the water too shallow. I know there is a bend right in front of her. I am so worried about mama. Thank you so much Ashala, for the blog, I wake up every morning wondering if this is the day she will return to sea.

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