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I just wanted to clear up any misconception that yesterday in my blog I was equating any boat incident with a pectoral fin injury.  According to Dawn Goley, Professor of zoology at Humboldt State University, they have been monitoring the pectoral fin since the whales arrived and what I saw yesterday was not something new.  I was told there was a television report saying that her fin injury was from a boat accident – NOT SO.   The fin has been watched and monitored from the time she arrived to the river.

Today Dawn Goley and her students were monitoring her by boat so they could get a closer look at her and take algae samples.

Ashala Tylor Photography

Mama, The Klamath River Whale

Comments on: "Mama, the Klamath River Whale, Follow-up on Pectoral Fin" (6)

  1. Daily Triplicate reporter Megan Hansen posted on Twitter that the whale beached herself tonight. Do you have any more information?

  2. Thanks for your reports and photos.

  3. Elizabeth said:

    I just read a report that Mama passed away after beaching herself twice. I am very sad to hear of her death. She brought much beauty to folks along the river, and I’m sorry that she was unable or unwilling to return to the ocean. Thank you, Ashala, for your wonderful pictures and blog. I almost felt like I was there. Rest in Peace, dear Mama!

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