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Please send love and light or prayers, or just plain good energy, to our beautiful whale, Mama.  Tonight she floated down the river towards the ocean and is now caught on a sand bar and low tide.  This occurred about 6:30 by my best guess.  I just got back and have lost track of time.  Please send good energy and prayers that this wonderful being will either pass on easily or somehow make it out to the ocean.  She has graced our river with nothing short of love and dignity and brought thousands of people together to share in her magnificence.

Ashala Tylor Photography

6196 - Prayer for Mama, the Klamath River Whale

Comments on: "PRAY FOR MAMA, THE KLAMATH RIVER WHALE. Day 53 in Klamath River, 08-15-11" (20)

  1. […] According to Ashala Tylor, a photographer who has captured some exquisite images of the whale, this evening, as of around 6:30, “[S]he floated down the river towards the ocean and is now caught on a sand bar and low tide.” […]

  2. I was so sad when my called me early this morning to tell me she had passed.. I have been on top of this and reading your blog everyday.. You did a great thing with all the beautiful photos you captured of her.. She is finally free.. maybe not the freedom we wanted her to have but she is free..

    • When my MOM called me.. sorry.

    • A reporter that my mom has been in contact with also mentioned that the baby whale was also found deceased at the mouth of the Colombia River in Oregon.. Not sure if any reports have been officially made..

  3. Thank you for sharing yourself with us Mama. Sleep well.

    • Such a beautiful commet Jennifer…In my heart she will forever be swimming in a ocean of peace. And my God-bless all who loved her.

  4. Michelle Steele said:

    We Live in McKinleyville, California and my Husband and I were on our way to Brookings Oregon, we stoped in Klamath to see this beautiful creature in our river. Something I will never forget is seeing a real live gray whale in the river so close to the bridge spouting water and enjoying herself. If we wouldn’t have seen it for ourselves we probably would have never believed it.. I sometimes wonder though if she was some how distorted and lossed her since of direction from the cars makeing noise when they crossed over the Bridge, I do hope and pray this was not the case of this beautiful Mamal.. If it was then why didn’t they close the bridge down and mabye got her safely back to the Ocean where she belonged.. Mama whale we love you so much and enjoyed seeing you, You will always leave an everlasting memory in our lives and hearts…. From Michelle and Gene Steele Sr & Jr and Family

  5. So sad to hear of the tragic ending to whale’s tale. What an awesome experience to have her grace you with her presence. You were all truly blessed.

  6. Shannon S said:


    i just opened my email and noticed that “Mama” was called home to our creator … i am saddened at this loss like all of us who have been following her all these days. I’m sure she is at peace now -and will be deeply missed- but her baby lives on!

    You are one of God’s best to care so much about our friends and I personally thank you!

    My mother and I have been helping and feeding feral cats (who are quite tame however) for 24 years at our local park … you don’t hear often enough about the kindness of others, so for me this has been something that has touched my heart and you are a wonderful person to take time out for keeping us informed.

    God Bless you, Mama and her little one, and all the kind people who care enough to care about our “non-human friends” in the world.

    Shannon S from Santa Clara, CA

  7. Aww Mama, hopefully you’re at peace now. She was such a beautiful whale, I loved reading about her and was hoping so much that she would’ve recovered and went back into the ocean.

  8. Dear Ashala,

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures and story. My dream was to some day see a whale you brought me that and more. I cried when I read that Mama passed on. You, Mama and her baby are very special to share your lives with us.

    Mama may you and your baby swim forever together wherever you are. Thank you for reminding us that love is everywhere. And that all creatures great and small can come together for each other.

  9. Thank you for capturing and sharing these incredible photos with all of us. She was beautiful! How wonderful that her last days were spent with all of you surrounding her, singing to her, praying for her and truly caring.

  10. Found your blog about Mama through yahoo.. I am looking forward to reading it and looking at the pictures. what an extraordinary experience it must have been to have Mama grace the community with her presence. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Karen Balac said:

    My family and I are saddened to hear of her passing, and if true, of her calf too. We live in Virginia and were vacationing on the West coast. We were curious what the attraction was as we traveled from CA to WA passing along the Klamath bridge. We were thrilled at the sight of her, but concerned for her well being. I began prayers as best I could when we saw her back on Aug 3rd. I just found your blog for the first time this morning and was distressed at the news. We wish her peace in her passing. Karen B

  12. So sorry to read about Mama’s passing. Maybe she died of a broken heart since her calf left her a few days before…Thanks, Ashala, for your blog and info.

  13. so sad, rip whale and calf 😦

  14. The Grind is carrying the official story which is a lie. A group of the state’s top activists says the whales were driven inland by the US Navy’s SONAR blasting their ears, which killed the baby. Mom stayed around and grieved and died from the Tribe’s harrassment, who wanted her gone by start of salmon season. NOAA was part of the coverup and so is the Grind, apparently.

  15. Thankyou for all of your coverage on Mama and her calf. So sad that the both of them died. Thanks!!

  16. Ashala, I just learned of her dying today. I am the one who posted the signs about the cell phones. She has been on my mind a lot and hope that we, humans, cars, cell phones didn’t keep her there at the bridge.
    She was so beautiful to see, but it is so sad that she didn’t get back to the sea. I hope she felt the love.

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