The Images of Ashala

A Message of Love

Poem by Leslie Hancock
(reprinted with her permission)

I heard about you and I really wanted to meet you.
As luck would have it, our paths crossed on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon in August.
I watched you swim for almost an hour and fell in love with you.
I didn’t want to leave but it was time to go on my own journey home.
Now you are gone and I am left with a beautiful memory.
Thanks for sharing yourself and spending time with us far from your home.
You will be missed and never ever forgotten.

Sierra Club today posted an article about my images and Mama, The Klamath River Whale.  See the link below.
To use or purchase  images, please go to web page at: and

Comments on: "A Message of Love – Mama, the Klamath River Whale" (1)

  1. Saw your pics of the whales, how beautiful. The last pic listed I believe showed a spirit with that whale (just my opinion). Don’t know if that pic was taken closer to her death but I don’t think it was just the sun or how the light reflected. At least her baby went out to the sea & didn’t end up seeing Mama die or stay on the river & also perish. Thanks for the awesome pictures !!!

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