The Images of Ashala

Here is an excerpt from an article from the Mail Tribune that is of interest in regard to the Indians’ impression of Mama in the River:

“The whale revived memories of a story told by late tribal member Fannie Flounder and recounted by anthropologist Theodora Kroeber in the book, “The Inland Whale.”

“She said when the whale is in the river, it means the world is out of balance … things aren’t the way they should be,” said Janet Wortman, a relative of Flounder and partner in the Requa Inn. “Fannie said you all need to get together and pray and dance and beat your feet on the ground and that will tilt the earth back the way it is supposed to be.”

The last time wayward whales made headlines in California was in 2007, when a mother humpback and her calf journeyed 90 miles up the Sacramento River. The two were followed by crowds for more than two weeks before swimming out to the Pacific Ocean at night.

O’Rourke said he agreed that the whale’s visit meant the world was out of balance, that ecosystems failing. He said the whale brought together state and federal agencies and the tribe in a way he has never seen.

“It is acts like this that are going to happen if we are going to stabilize the environment,” he said.”


If you have not seen it, Sierra Club posted an article on Mama.  Here is the link.    It went on Sierra Club Facebook with 100,000 followers, keeping Mama’s story and memory alive.   Today the same article was in Sierra Club Insider E-Newsletter that went out to 1 million people.   I have not seen it but will post  a link as soon as I do.

Due to the internet , Mama is still getting lots of ink and her story is being told.   This week one of my images of her will be on the National Geographic website.  I will post it as soon as it comes out.

There was an interesting article printed by the Two Rivers Tribune entitled “Awok Whale, Messenger Comes and Goes.  The link is:

_MG_9663 Whale Spout from Mama, the Klamath River Whale

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