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A few weeks back I ventured to the San Francisco Bay area and had a great time shooting.    After shooting the fogged in Golden Gate Bridge, I ended up at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.    While walking around the beautiful grounds, there was a wedding photographer shooting a couple across the water .    Thinking  it would make an interesting shot of the shooter shooting, I set up my tripod.  What happened next was purely romantic, as I found out later when I spoke to the happy couple.

It turns out  that the future groom to be told his soon-to-be fiance that he was taking her out to breakfast and to dress up a bit.  He had come with the photographer the day before and set up the surprise shoot with the surprise proposal.  When I got there he was proposing on bended knee.  How totally romantic is that?   When I spoke to her later, she said she was totally surprised and worried she had not fixed her hair better because she thought she was only going to breakfast.

_MG_1912 Palace of Fine Arts Photographer

Wedding Proposal

_MG_1963 Palace of Fine Arts

_MG_1963 Palace of Fine Arts

_MG_1708 Palace of Fine Arts

_MG_1737 Palace of Fine Arts

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