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Target Practice and a Dead Bear

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Yesterday I went upriver on the Klamath.  It was a gorgeous day with perfect weather and some trees just starting to turn.    The enjoyment was dampened when lying on the river bank was a dead bear that had been shot.  I cannot understand why anyone would shoot an animal for the fun of it and just leave it to die.   Was this beautiful animal used for target practice?  It certainly was not used for food.   The only ones eating were the maggots covering its body.  According to the fishermen I was with, the day before there was a cub near the dead bear.  Has the callousness of this act left a cub motherless?  I do not know.  A few days before that, I watched as the sea lions were shot at close range with rifles.   What has this world come to?   Have we lost all appreciation for life?   Do we have to needlessly shoot another being for the sheer fun of it?  Yes, I understand that the the sea lions get in nets.  Yes, that can be dangerous to the fishermen.  Yes, they can damage expensive nets.  The problem  is that there were no nets out at the time and they were simply killing these creatures.

Dead Bear

Mama, the Klamath River Whale, Made a Difference in Someone’s Life

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I received an email last week and was granted permission to use it in my blog, but the writer requested I not include her name as some family members do not know the gentleman’s condition presently.   When I read this particular email, it touched me profoundly and wanted to share it.   I wonder how many people Mama touched that we will never know about.  The gentleman in the email was just driving down the highway when he saw Mama.  Here is the email I received:

“My younger brother and the love of his life went out west. After being gone for eighteen days, my brother Wayne told Lisa that the one thing he would love to do was go whale watching.  They realized it would take four more days of driving to go whale watching, so they decided to head home. As they crossed the bridge over Klamath River they noticed a crowd had gathered. They got out of their car to see what was going on. Much to their amazement there was the great whale in the river. My brother had recently learned he only has a few months to live because of esophagus and stomach cancer. As Wayne watched the whale he turned to Lisa with these words, “This whale is here for me!”

Lisa told us this story with tears in her eyes last evening.   Someone ask if she found out what happened to the whale.  She said I did not want to know. I looked on line to find out for myself and came upon your photos and stories. I can tell from your photos and words you have a kind and sensitive heart and thought you would like to hear my brother’s story of the Klamath River Whale.  It is going to be so hard to watch my brother die.
God bless you!”

_MG_7913-1 Mama, The Klamath River Whale, Blowing a Heart

Klamath River Whale at the Klamath Salmon Festival

Come see (and purchase) the photographs of the Klamath River Whale this weekend at the Klamath Salmon Festival. I have a booth displaying the pictures. I have been following both the mother and the baby since they entered the Klamath River back in June. Come by – I’d love to meet you, answer your questions, and send you home with a wonderful momento.

We’ll even have free coffee samples for you to enjoy!

Lots of fun for the whole family.

Grind TV Outdoor Blog Klamath Whale Article

Great article on the Klamath River whale from Outdoor blog.    Check it out!


Ukelele Songs for Mama, the Klamath River Whale

Ashala Tylor Images

Ukelele Song to the Stranded Klamath River Whale

This young man was out early in the morning yesterday strumming a ukelele song to the “Gentle Giant,” who is known as “Mama.”    Some of the Yurok Indians have been known to call her by her name “Mama” in the Yurok language.  As soon as I find out what that is, I will post it.

Please make note that there is a Federal law, Marine Mammal Protection Act, prohibiting harassment of marine mammals and suggests that people stay back more than  100 yards of a marine mammal, ”   As intentions are all well and good by those wanting to be near Momma and soothe her and connect with her, someone could be injured.  Please keep that in mind and realize that she is a “gentle giant”  that is confined to a very small river and all precautions should be taken to adhere to the Federal Law, not only for the safety of the human but for the safety of the beautiful mammal that graces the Klamath River.  No one wants to see either Momma or any of her adoring fans injured.

Ashala Tylor Images

Paddle Boarder with Ukelele to Serenade Mama, the Klamath River Whale

While intentions are  pure and good, and no harassment intended whatsoever, it is imperative to keep in mind that Mama is a wild mammal and someone could be injured by getting too close to this “Gentle Giant.”

Yesterday there were reports of more swimmers and kayakers in the water presenting a danger to themselves and Mama.

I have been documenting the whales’ journey since Mama and her calf were first seen on June 23, 2011.

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A few days ago  there was a flute player in a canoe serenading the “gentle giant.”    Soothing flute sounds emanated throughout the bridge area, a respite from the passing cars and trucks.

Ashala Tylor Images

Spy Hopping Whale in the Klamath River

Ashala Tylor Images

I have been documenting the whales’ journey since mom and her calf arrived over a month ago.  Many images of these beautiful mammals can be seen at
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A Song for the Klamath River Whale


Ashala Tylor Images

Paddle Boarder and Klamath River Whale

Ashala Tylor Images

Swimming with the Klamath River Whale


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Another Day In The Life of the Stranded Klamath River Whale

Ashala Tylor Images

Flute Player Serenading Klamath River Gray Whale

I found a link on You Tube that shows a flute player playing to a Humpback Whale.  Worth watching.

Today seemed rather gray and uneventful.  People were here from Davis University to take breath samples to study.  Crowds of people still flooded the Klamath River Bridge while the Highway Patrol had their hands full keeping the traffic moving and people not being flattened.

One person on a boat was spotted dumping salt into the water attempting to help the stranded gray whale feel more at home in a river.

Ashala Tylor Images

Klamath River Whale No Phone Zone

Someone put up signs on the bridge stating:  “Cell Phones Can’t Be Good for the Whale.  Please Consider Turning Yours Off.”

Ashala Tylor Images

Prototype to Capture Whale Breath

Guys from the University of Davis redesigning a whale breath capture device.

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Flute Player Serenades Stranded Klamath River Whale

As I made me way over to the Klamath River Bridge overlook to check on the stranded Klamath River whale, I heard the most beautiful flute sounds permeating the air.   Mihael Kavanaugh of Trinidad played soothing sounds for 1.5 hours in an effort to convince her to return to the sea.    This beautiful gentle giant swam to within 5 feet of  his canoe.   Afterwards I spoke to Mihael in a video interview which I will post at a later date.  For now, enjoy the images of sounds gifted from one soul to another soul.

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Ashala Tylor Images

The Crowd Watched the Stranded Klamath River Whale while Listening to Flute Music

Ashala Tylor Images

Even the Dog Enjoyed the Show

Ashala Tylor Images
Gentle Sounds for a Gentle Giant
Ashala Tylor Images

Flute Player Sits in awe as Klamath River Whale Blows a Rainbow

Channel 12 News Covers Stranded Klamath River Whales

Channel 12 news Klamath River Whales

Channel 12 recently covered the saga of the stranded Klamath River whale using some of my photos.  CLICK ABOVE LINK TO WATCH VIDEO NEWS.

Ashala Tylor Images

Klamath River Whale Rolling in the Klamath River

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