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Mama, the Klamath River Whale, in River 49 Days 08/11/11

Ashala Tylor Photography

Mama, Klamath River Whale, Rolling in the Klamath River


Mama delighted the crowd that gathered today on the bridge with quite a bit of rolling and swimming upriver and back to the bridge numerous times.   She was full of energy today as opposed to her usual slow circles beneath the Klamath River Bridge.

Ashala Tylor Images

A Man and his Son Wading Out to Watch Mama, the Klamath River Whale

Ashala Tylor Images

A Man Wading with his Son Watching Mama, the Klamath River Whale






It is important to remember that the Marine Mammal Protection Act regulation states that individuals should be 100 yards from a marine mammal.  Many people are not adhering to that regulation, including boats in the Klamath River.

Anyone seeing harassing behavior can call NOAA Law Enforcement and report it.  The number is: 800 853-1964.
















OTHER KLAMATH NEWS:   The Salmon Festival is happening on Saturday, August 20th.  It is put on by the Yurok Tribe.  I have included a link to their site.   You can visit Mama when you come to the Salmon Festival.

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