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Another Day In The Life of the Stranded Klamath River Whale

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Flute Player Serenading Klamath River Gray Whale

I found a link on You Tube that shows a flute player playing to a Humpback Whale.  Worth watching.

Today seemed rather gray and uneventful.  People were here from Davis University to take breath samples to study.  Crowds of people still flooded the Klamath River Bridge while the Highway Patrol had their hands full keeping the traffic moving and people not being flattened.

One person on a boat was spotted dumping salt into the water attempting to help the stranded gray whale feel more at home in a river.

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Klamath River Whale No Phone Zone

Someone put up signs on the bridge stating:  “Cell Phones Can’t Be Good for the Whale.  Please Consider Turning Yours Off.”

Ashala Tylor Images

Prototype to Capture Whale Breath

Guys from the University of Davis redesigning a whale breath capture device.

MORE WHALE IMAGES CAN BE SEEN AT: www.      For image use or purchase email:

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Ashala Tylor Images

Flute Player Serenades Stranded Klamath River Whale

As I made me way over to the Klamath River Bridge overlook to check on the stranded Klamath River whale, I heard the most beautiful flute sounds permeating the air.   Mihael Kavanaugh of Trinidad played soothing sounds for 1.5 hours in an effort to convince her to return to the sea.    This beautiful gentle giant swam to within 5 feet of  his canoe.   Afterwards I spoke to Mihael in a video interview which I will post at a later date.  For now, enjoy the images of sounds gifted from one soul to another soul.

More images of this beautiful encounter can be seen at  Email: for image use or purchase.


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The Crowd Watched the Stranded Klamath River Whale while Listening to Flute Music

Ashala Tylor Images

Even the Dog Enjoyed the Show

Ashala Tylor Images
Gentle Sounds for a Gentle Giant
Ashala Tylor Images

Flute Player Sits in awe as Klamath River Whale Blows a Rainbow

Channel 12 News Covers Stranded Klamath River Whales

Channel 12 news Klamath River Whales

Channel 12 recently covered the saga of the stranded Klamath River whale using some of my photos.  CLICK ABOVE LINK TO WATCH VIDEO NEWS.

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Klamath River Whale Rolling in the Klamath River

Life is not all Rainbows for the Klamath River Stranded Whale

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Klamath River Whale Rainbow

With her baby calf gone, waters receding and a shortage of food, some boater harassment, I fear for the wellbeing of this beautiful creature.

Hopefully, she will decide to swim out to the ocean soon.  She is definitely a gentle giant, never ever bothering the boats who come near her with

loud motors and complete disregard for the Marine Mammal Protection Act requiring 100 yards distance which, if enforced, carries a fine and jail time.

We are all hoping that this wayward mammal will leave the Klamath River soon and head for the open ocean where she will find  food and salt water

that she needs to survive.


Klamath River Whale Harassment – Daily Whale Update

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Klamath River Whale Harassment

Yesterday I went over to see how the Klamath River whale was doing.  Everything was as it had been on every other day – throngs of people lining the bridge to see the once-in-a-lifetime view of a whale in a river.  The gentle giant was doing her usual swim and spout around and under the bridge.   I noticed a young man in an inner tube floating near her.  From a photographer’s eye, I thought that would be a great picture just from the size disparity.   I took a few images, but then what I saw next was very upsetting.  The above boat came and picked up the inner tube floater and proceeded to race up to and around the whale getting dangerously close to her.  The crowd on the bridge yelled down at them to stop and to leave the whale alone.  They continued on with their harassment of her and then when they were through they raced off past the crowd, under the bridge and flipped everyone off.

The Federal Marine Mammal Protection Act prohibits humans from harassing whales and other marine mammals.  100 yard distance is being blatantly ignored.

I have been documenting the whales journey since mom and her calf arrived over a month ago.  Many images of these beautiful mammals can be seen at  email:            (TO VIEW IMAGES FULL SIZE, CLICK ON THE IMAGE)

Ashala Tylor Images

Ashala Tylor Images

After Harassing the Whale They Sped Off

Ashala Tylor Images
Ashala Tylor Images

Klamath River Whale Harassment

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